Kyotango is famous for many historical women who had dramatic lives, such as Ono-nokomachi, who is one of the most famous poets of the early Heian period (in the 9th century) and who is famous to have been an incredibly beautiful woman, and Hosokawa Gracia who was the wife of the military commander Hosokawa Tadaoki in the age of provincial wars (in the 16th century), who was also a Christian. Kyotango City refers collectively to these women together with some of the legendary women as the “7 princesses of Kyotango”, and relevant locations are taken up as sightseeing spots.

Ono-no-komachi [Ikaga-no-sato]


Ikaga-no-satoIkaga district is said to have been the place of death of Ono-no-komachi, and the neighboring area is arranged into a park called “Komachi park.” The building “Komachi no Yakata (Komachi’s household)” is built in the Shinden architecture, which is an architecture characteristic of a nobleman’s residence in the Heian period, and contains a bronze statue glittering in gold.

Empress Hashiudo [Taiza]

Empress Hashiudo,Taiza

Statues of Empress Hashiudo and her son Shotoku Taishi stand looking at Sea of Japan next to Tate-iwa along the coastline in Taiza district, Tango-cho.
Empress Hashiudo

Shizuka Gozen (Lady Shizuka) [Shizuka Shrine]

Shizuka Shrine

Shizuka Shrine, which enshrines Shizuka Gozen (Lady Shizuka) is located in Iso district in Amino-cho which is said to have been the birthplace and the place of death of Shizuka Gozen.
Lady Shizuka

Oto Hime [Shimako Shrine]

Shimako Shrine

Asamo-gawa district in Amino-cho is the legendary location of the Urashima Taro legend, and “Shimako Shrine” which enshrines Urashima Taro and “Fukushima Shrine” which enshrines Oto Hime are both located in this area.
Oto Hime

Hagoromo tennyo (heavenly woman wearingbeautiful plumage) [Mt.Isanago]


From the mountain peak of Mt.Isanago (altitude 661m), visitors can view Amanohashidate and “Mt.Oe” which is known for the legendary story of the Ogres.
Hagoromo tennyo (heavenly woman wearingbeautiful plumage)

Hosokawa Gracia [Midono]


Midono district in Yasaka-cho is known as the place where Hosokawa Gracia had lived in hermit. She is said to have lived in this area deep in the mountains for approx. 2 years, praying for peace in the world.
Hosokawa Gracia

Kawakami-no Masu-no Iratsume

Kawakami-no Masu-no Iratsume

Kawakami-no Masu-no Iratsume, who had been a daughter of the local ruling family, became the wife of Tanba-no Michinoushi-no Mikoto (the Shogun appointed by the Emperor of the time for ruling the San’in area as told in the history of the ancient days). Many remains that tell the prosperity of the family are being discovered in Suda Hoki-dani district in Kumihamacho.
Kawakami-no Masu-no Iratsume

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