Once the rainy season is over, summer will arrive where active tourists can enjoy marine sports and camping activities. There are 15 beaches along the coastline of Kyotango, and there are also beautiful natural sceneries such as the highlands, the waterfalls, and rivers, too. The season will bring harvests of gourmet food such as watermelons, melons, and summer vegetables. Various summer festivals will be held during the nighttime, and fireworks will decorate the nighttime sky.

for the model course : Day 1

Map for the model course in summer
1.Amanohashidate View Land 2.Dairy Kitchen Sora 3.Shotenkyo
Amanohashidate Dairy Kitchen Sora Shotenkyo
Amanohashidate View LandSuch rides as the cycle car, the SL “Benkei-Go” and the Ferris wheel are popular, along with the viewing restaurant’s specialties, including such seafood dishes as the shortneck clam (asari) rice bowl. Jersey milk freshly milked at the own farm in the morning of the same day are used as the materials for gelatos, natural cheeses, and yogurts.
Dairy Kitchen Sora2 Dairy Kitchen Sora3
Shotenkyo2Shotenkyo is one of the longest beaches on the Sea of Japan which is extended for as long as approx. 6km, and its shoaling beach and beautiful sand beach is attracting many visitors. It also has valuable coast plants such as Veronica ornata planted in the area.

4.Kumihama Country Club 5.Kuminohama Spa Resort
Kumihama Country Club Kuminohama Spa Resort
An authentic seaside golf course extended along the Kumihama Bay where there is a hole going across the sea. Golf players can enjoy the magnificent view of the Sea of Japan and the moutains. Kumihama-cho was the first town in Kyoto Prefecture to be appointed as the national hot spring health resort. Hot springs of good quality are upwelling, and there are approx. 19 spa resort hotels within the area.

for the model course : Day 2

Map for the model course in summer
6.The house of the tycoon family Inaba 7.Hakoishi 8.Kirifuri waterfall (Mist-falling waterfall)
The house of the tycoon family Inaba hakoishi-fruits Kirifuri waterfall
The house of the tycoon family Inaba2A former household of a tycoon family, and the main building is appointed as the national registered tangible cultural asset. Visitors can experience pottery and making of incenses, and also enjoy eating the famous sweet Bota-mochi.
The house of the tycoon family Inaba3 The house of the tycoon family Inaba4
Hakoishi district is a dune land, and is a production area of watermelons and sand hill melons. In summer, freshly harvested fruits are sold at the direct retail stores along the roads. Tourists can also experience fruits harvesting.
An affluent beautiful waterfall which is 21m high and 4m wide. The name of the waterfall originates from the site where the falling water splashes against the rock surface and sprays downward like a mist.

9.Maizuru red-brick warehouses
Maizuru red-brick warehouses
red-brick-museumThere are many red-brick architectures remaining in Maizuru. There also is a “Red-brick Museum” whose architecture is one of the oldest steel-framed brick architecture existing in Japan.

Other seasonal information

Concert – listening to music with barefoot

Concert - listening to music with barefoot

[The first Sunday in June]
An event for inspiring environmental conservation.The concert is held on Kotohikihama Beach which is famous for its sounding sand, and the garbage collected by the visitors will be the ticket for the concert.

Kyotango City Dragon Canoeing Championship

Kyotango City Dragon Canoeing Championship

Many crews gather from Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe area to Kumihama Bay, and speed along the sea in each of their vigorous dragon canoes.

Festa Hiten

Festa Hiten

[The first Sunday in August]
A festival held on the theme of the Hagoromo legend and the Tanabata (vega) legend handed down in Mineyama-cho. The festival gets festive with all the outdoor stalls, huge Tanabata lanterns, and stage events.

Uchiyama beech woods

Uchiyama beech woods

One of the largest beech woods in Kyoto Prefecture which is also a rare area where a natural forest of 300 different woods such as beech wood, maple trees, and zelkovas grow. A guided tour is provided by the volunteer staffs.

Fireworks show

Fireworks show

During the summer vacation season, summer festivals are held in various different places within the area. Fireworks shows are the big attractions of these summer festivals. They decorate the nighttime sky with booming roar sounds.

Sightseeing information for the neighboring cities / towns

Miyazu Lantern Floating Fireworks Show [Miyazu City]

Miyazu Lantern Floating Fireworks Show

[August 16]
Approx. 10,000 lanterns fill the Miyazu Bay, and 3,000 fireworks are shot from the sea.

Tango egg cockle [Miyazu City / Maizuru City]

Tango egg cockle

Tango egg cockles are twice as large as normal egg cockles, and are popular among the gourmets as being the egg cockles of the highest quality.

Rock oyster [Maizuru City]

Rock oyster

Rock oysters are large and juicy, and are most delicious when eaten raw. “Rock oyster bowl” is also a famous delicacy.

Maizuru fish cake [Maizuru City]

Maizuru fish cake

A processed food rich with fish flavor which has been prepared based on the meticulous traditional techniques.

Niizaki Shrine [Ine-cho]

Niizaki Shrine

This shrine is located at the place where Xu Fu (Japanese reading: Jofuku), who searched for the eternal life-giving herb under orders from Qin Shi Huang (First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty), drifted ashore and it is dedicated to his memory.

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